Leftovers: Cool Trash for Future Generations

Leftovers:  Cool Trash for Future Generations


What is the space between physicality and non-physicality?  How long do things last?  Everything is passing into and out of existence all the time.  All of the pieces in this exhibition will eventually break down and become trash—will there be art institutions in 20,000 years?  Who knows?  I doubt it.  Given that perspective, one’s creative expression is the unique detritus of a particular point in time. 



This work is mostly sourced from materials, objects and older works that have been lying around the studio for several years.  I’ve taken what would have become trash and repurposed it as newer, cooler trash for the generations of the far distant future.


Which brings me to the next questions: how do we get here, life before birth and what lies beyond the veil of human perception?  If consciousness is eternal, and we incarnate, what does the entry into the third dimension look like?  These new installations, objects and paintings envision possible portals into the earthly experience as grids, clusters, and ripples, with the implication being that a consciousness becomes incarnate only by passing through some sort of cosmic structure. 



I’m looking at the space where things pass into and out of 3D existence, and this work is the result of that process.  I guess there is some irony in making new objects from old objects, to describe the non-physical.  It’s the only way to do it here apparently.


Jennifer Joseph