Family Universe--a project about my community

Family Universe

An Astrological Study


Family Universe consists of tiles engraved with the astrological information of people connected to me from all walks of life. 

I believe the saying that we are spiritual beings having human experiences.  And I believe that we enter the third dimension when the alignment of the planets is just so for our own particular archetypal journey on Planet Earth.  Hence your astrological birth chart.  Your chart is the map that details the position of the planets at the time of your birth.  It also details the relationships between planets and their positions relative to each other.  Astrology overlays these patterns with archetypal characteristics and energies.

Family Universe will be made up of a constellation of engraved ceramic tiles arranged chronologically by birthdate.  I ask people in my network to participate to provide their time and date of birth and will then have tiles engraved with the date of birth, the longitude and latitude of the birthplace, and the position of the planets. 


This piece will serve as a documentation of the people in my life, and the people in their lives.  It’s a way to visualize my community, and unite everyone in a simple visual way.